I can read. I can study. I can share.
TheBible.org is a US charity. Its mission is helping ministers make known Christ; in support of that mission, it develops apps to help people experience more effective Scripture reading. Peter Coad leads this work. The organization's content partners include Biblica (NIV), Crossway (ESV), Lockman (NASB), and Bible League International. More...
"I can read"
As a reader reads down the column in one version, we make it easy for him look left and right to see how other versions express a verse (in context too!), and then continue reading in the version he is reading (or in another version he finds helpful in reading that passage that day). The idea is to introduce as little eye movement as possible, and as little "context switching" (such as jumping out to a separate list and then back to the text) as possible, so that the reader can get into the Scriptures and immerse in them for a while. Gentle euphoria.
"I can study"
This app makes it easy to study words and the passages they occur in, to go deeper and get even more out of what you read in the Bible. Tap "Word study" to see: verse list and definitions (a concordance plus two lexicons, all in one). Tap "Verse study" to see: color-coded parts-of-speech, word forms, phonetics, syllables, and translation tips.
It also helps you find familiar Bible verses, even when you only remember a few words. Enter "God so loved" in the search box and see where that phrase occurs in every Bible version you have open.
"I can share"
TheBible.org app supports you in sharing the gospel with your friends right at the moment you are reading a Bible verse and thinking of someone in your life. Tap to preview and then tap to post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram—in the morning, on lunch break, even while at church.